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Captain Moe Neale
Moe has been guiding Waterfowl professionally since 1991, his roots are based in Eastern Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes region. Specializing in big water diver hunting, field hunting for Geese and Mallards and marsh hunting for mixed bag hunts. Moe is a resident of the State of Alaska and 2011 marks his 15th year guiding in Alaska. Moe has spent many years working in the remote regions of Alaska, from the Pribilof Islands to Cold Bay and the Yukon Delta. After spending thousands of hours guiding Moe has learned
  to do what it takes to give his hunters the edge they need to harvest their personal trophy's safely and ethically.  Like Jeff, Moe has not only guided all over Alaska but many western states for waterfowl and fishing as well. Waterfowling for Moe is not just something to do, its a passion that consumes him the whole year with carving decoys, tuning and fixing calls and gear, scouting and dog work for the upcoming season. Jeff and Moe's combined experience and love of waterfowling, provides them with the professionalism and concern for their clients safety that is always first and foremost. Capt. Moe is very pleased to be teaming up with such a seasoned professional and they both look forward to providing their clients with a rewarding and successful Alaska hunting experience.

Captain Jeff Wasley

Jeff has worked with waterfowl in a variety of professions.  Jeff’s work as a wildlife biologist working exclusively with waterfowl has given him vast knowledge on many aspects of Alaska’s waterfowl and waterfowl hunting.  Jeff has worked 12 years in Alaska and also hunts extensively throughout the Midwest and beyond.  Jeff runs his own business Four Flyways Outfitters specializing in Alaska mixed bag Black Brant, Canada/Cackling geese, sea ducks, puddle ducks, divers and Ptarmigan in Cold Bay, Alaska.  Jeff also operates Spring Snow Goose hunts in South Dakota.  Jeff has joined Alaskan Eider Outfitters to bring hunters the best Alaskan waterfowl hunts available.  Like Capt. Moe, Jeff guides full time and often spends around 200 days a year guiding, hunting and fishing.  Jeff brings a wide background of waterfowling from puddle ducks, divers, Snow and Canada Geese, sea ducks etc.  Like the rest of the crew Jeff also guides fisherman in Alaska during the summer months.  Hunters can look forward to Moe, Jeff and the rest of the crew to continue to explore new locations in Alaska and beyond for the next great waterfowl destinations.

Learn more about Four Flyways Outfitters here: www.fourflywaysoutfitters.com/Waterfowl-Hunting-Cold-Bay-Alaska.html


Dustin Jones

Dustin has decided to join our team full time as one of our top King Eider Guides. Dustin has been hunting waterfowl & specializing in King Eiders for many years and has successfully harvested many King Eiders due to the fact that he lives year round on the Pribilof Islands.  We are very lucky to have such a fine local hunter added to our professional staff.

Over 40 Years of combined
Alaska Hunting Experience

Alaskan Eider Outfitters are fully dedicated to providing the best guid
ed waterfowl hunts possible.  We have extensive experience hunting and guiding for waterfowl in Alaska and beyond.  Our goal is simply to provide safe, ethical and successful hunts that exceed our hunter’s expectations.  We are professional guides that guide year round in Alaska and elsewhere.

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