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The Harlequin (Histrionicus histrionicus), is a small, strikingly beautiful sea duck. Their breeding habitat is cold fast moving streams in north-western and north-eastern North America, Greenland, Iceland and western Russia.  Wintering area range from the Pribilof Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska Peninsula through south central Alaska down to Coastal Oregon.  The Atlantic population is much smaller and protected from hunting and is also a distinct population.

Like other sea ducks they feed by diving for benthic invertebrates typically close to rocky shorelines.  Insects, crustaceans, mollusk and others make up the majority of their diet.  Harlequins are very vocal and use a variety of squeaks and peeps.  Females first breed when they are at least two years old. Harlequin ducks use clear, fast-flowing rivers and streams during the breeding season, where females will typically lay 5 -7 eggs.

Hunting Harlequins in Alaska

Alaska is the winter home to a great number of Harlequins, especially the Aleutian Islands and nearby Pibilof Islands and Alaska Peninsula and nearby islands.  Harlequin decoy very well and typically congregate near rocky shores.  Many hunters come to Alaska specifically targeting trophy harlequin and other sea ducks.  We have had great success in getting hunters multiple opportunities to get their trophies.

Alaskan Eider Outfitters will be using custom Harlequin decoys and other top equipment to ensure high quality hunts.  Alaska law restricts non-residents to a seasonal limit of 4 Harlequin.  Join us for a Harlequin hunt over decoys in Alaska, Contact Us for more info on our hunts.

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