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Oldsquaw or Long-tailed duck

These small and graceful sea ducks are the most numerous of all arctic sea ducks.  They breed at low densities across the northern tundra areas of Alaska and Canada in North America. The majority of their time is spent in near coastal marine areas where they dive up to 200ft. for a variety of invertebrates. Oldsquaws have a unique and complex molting schedule that is different from any other waterfowl species. They actually go through 3 different molts in one year. Below are pictures of Oldsquaw in different plumages

Hunting Oldsquaw in Alaska

Oldsquaw offer another challenge to hunters looking for sea ducks in Alaska. These birds decoy very well and make a great addition to any trophy room. Alaskan Eider Outfitters have access to prime areas for Oldsquaw and other sea ducks. Contact Us for more info on our hunts.

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