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Season Dates - Approx. Dec. 27 - January 22

Available Openings  - This  is an incredibly popular hunt with limited space available per season.  Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your hunt dates! Spots  are usually booked over a year in advance.

Rates - This is an all inclusive world class Alaska sea duck hunt, please contact us for rate information.

Feel  free to give us a call or shoot us an email using the form below. We'd  love to talk to you about the opportunities Alaskan Eider Outfitters can  provide.

Jeff Wasley - 608-385-4580

Moe Neale 208-310-1846

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Alaskan Eider Outfitters

Saint Paul Island, Alaska

JEFF WASLEY: (608) 385-4580 | MOE NEALE: (208) 310-1846